Baton Rouge Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

If you lost your loved one in a work-related incident, we want to help you. We understand that the unexpected loss of your loved one is a devastating thing. Our team can come alongside you and work to get you the finances you will need to sustain yourself during this time of mourning. At Joseph H. Jolissaint, we assist family members in securing death benefits after they have lost a loved one. These are benefits that are paid monthly to the family to cover the costs of a funeral, other expenses affiliated with the death and the emotional pain and suffering of relatives.

Who can receive death benefits?

Normally, death benefits are reserved for dependents. For example, a wife and her children may be able to seek death benefits if they lose their husband and father in a work-related accident. In some cases, parents may also be entitled to death benefits. These cases are evaluated on an individual basis, so you will want an attorney to argue for your eligibility if you apply.

What is included in death benefits?

Death benefits can provide a family member in Louisiana with a $7,500 funeral benefit in addition to monthly or weekly payments. Typically, a widower will receive 32 1/2 % of an employee’s average weekly wages as benefits. A widow with one child will receive 46 ¼ % of the worker’s weekly wage, and a widow with two children can receive up to 65% of the employee’s weekly wage.

These figures are based on data but are not necessarily reflective of the current death benefits, which change from year to year. Deceased employees’ parents may be paid up to $75,000 each if the decedent has no dependents. Surviving spouses will be paid benefits until remarriage, or until death and dependent children can receive the benefit until they are 18 years of age. Some individuals can receive finances until they are 23 if they are a student.

Let a Baton Rouge Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help You Seek Benefits

If you are seeking assistance in a workers’ compensation case, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer at the firm today. We understand that you are dealing with difficult circumstances. We will do our best to be helpful to you and take care of the legalities of your situation so that you can focus on your emotional recovery. Allow us to help; contact us today!

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